On tech support for Home Office control

Addressing the Police Federation conference is a tough gig for any politician, and it was there that Theresa May won her now-forgotten reputation for steeliness by taking her fight to the audience. But new Home Secretary Sajid Javid has made a conciliatory start, riffing on his personal links to the police and hinting at softened budget… Continue reading On tech support for Home Office control

On a very private Scottish Christmas

Elves in the icy North are getting ready to distribute tax gifts, according to the list of who’s naughty (those earning over £33,000) and nice (those earning less than £33,000 and public sector workers). The draft Scottish Budget published yesterday included a number of other changes to Scottish fiscal policy, but income tax garnered the… Continue reading On a very private Scottish Christmas

On a role for digital when the centre’s weak

It's time for all crystal ball watchers to find a new methodology, because minority government produces surprises - and lots of them. Just look at the success of Stella Creasy’s amendment on access to abortion for Northern Irish women, and Tory travails on public sector pay increases. Cross-bench policies with popular appeal may be sneaked… Continue reading On a role for digital when the centre’s weak